Monday, April 11, 2011

Corruption: To be Concerned a lot or not...

India had a season of celebrations one after the other. First it was the Cricket world cup victory and then there was a great start to the IPL season 4. Between these two greatest cricketing events there was one thing which tied atleast whole of Nation in one knot, and this was the FAST UNTIL DEATH by the great old man Anna Hazare. He was fighting against corruption. When the central Government accepted his demands the country again got in a festive mood. Why should we not?
But the biggest thing was is corruption the greatest evil of the present times.

Well corruption is not new in India or abroad. It has been there since very long, but in India, it has been considered to be the greatest evil in the present scene especially after the 2G, CWG, Adarsh Scam and other ones.

But the question is whether corruption the greatest evil. Whether people agitating along with Mr. Anna were Corruption free?; whether the people applauded him were never involved in any sort of corruption?; the media to whom Mr. Hazare thanked is corruption free?; and many other questions need to be solved.

But the biggest question is whether Corruption is so evil that we needed such kind of agitation and support to this old man. On personal notes, I do not find it anything wrong here. Talking about CWG, although huge money was involved yet the opening ceremony was the best ever and the competition was held very successfully. It was only media that hyped it so huge and in doing so they thought that they are gaining TRPs but they were selling India's reputation at the International Level. Well sometimes I find Shahid Afridi right when he said that India's media is not mature. No news channel showed the best conducting of the CWG but kept on repeating the corruption. Well Repeated bullshit doesn't become wisdom.
Secondly, out of the huge cry of 2G who is the ultimate beneficiary, obviously the people who will be enjoying the 2G and 3G services but no one notices it.

Talking about the politicians, the people in India take money to cast vote. In Nagaur District of Rajasthan, the candidate for Municipality Chairmanship, had spent almost a crore in one night before the voting was supposed to take place, why, to win the election, why, because he wanted to win and people wanted to earn out of it and hence, they sold their honesty and took money for casting vote. Who is corrupt here, for me not the one who gave money but the one who took money and those people only say that the politicians have become corrupt. If u will take money from the candidate and if he will spend lavishly to win then for sure he will earn somehow. Although the person dint win but if he could have he would have indulged himself in corrupt practices to earn back his spent money and we applaud Anna Hazare. Alas!!!

Bura jo dekhan main gaya, bura na milya koi
Jo dil jhaanka aapna, mujhse bura na koi...
I read these lines when i was a kid in my classes. These lines meant and still mean that one should first look into his own heart to find wrong in the world. Unless and Until one will not improve him/herself, no Anna Hazare can be successful. Governments will go and come; laws will be enacted, amended and repealed but the attitude of people needs to be changed as it will remain till the society prevails. Why Japan emerge successful even after attacks by countries or by calamities, its only because of the positive attitude and not because of dharnas or bandhs or crying over politicians. Japanese are great as they know to work and control themselves. Don't hail Anna and make him idol, rather hail the japanese and make them idol as they are the real inspiration. An AAM AADAMI controls his activities and leads his country to development.

Crying over corruption is fake and foul, rather we should learn to live positively. People like Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramdev, etc., are just working to earn publicity and nothing else. Let one improve oneself and not to cry over Corruption but cry on -ve Population.
"Country does not make people, rather people make a Country..."

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lifelines

When I sit alone, one question attacks my mind always. I ask myself very often that who is mine in this world. The one whom I am living with or the one who are living with me. These are two different connotations. I live with all those who are linked to my life, but those who live with me are the one who are linked to my heart, whether they are with me or not. The people who saw their lives and met the end are also the people who live with me but the question is do I live with them.
This thought may be very monotonous and confusing for the one who reads it but holds a great value in my life. My parents live with me; but do I do the same? They live for me; but do I do the same? They care the most about me; but do I do the same?

Yes friends, this is the question which must be answered not only by me but all those who are enjoying their respective lives to the fullest but hardly give a second of the day thinking about those two individuals who from our birth till their death think only about us and none. So, frenz have fun in your life but not on the cost of our beloved parents, who are actually the lifelines of all of us atleast I consider them as my lifeline...

Love You Mum and Dad....

Happy Marriage Anniversary....(22nd May)