Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lifelines

When I sit alone, one question attacks my mind always. I ask myself very often that who is mine in this world. The one whom I am living with or the one who are living with me. These are two different connotations. I live with all those who are linked to my life, but those who live with me are the one who are linked to my heart, whether they are with me or not. The people who saw their lives and met the end are also the people who live with me but the question is do I live with them.
This thought may be very monotonous and confusing for the one who reads it but holds a great value in my life. My parents live with me; but do I do the same? They live for me; but do I do the same? They care the most about me; but do I do the same?

Yes friends, this is the question which must be answered not only by me but all those who are enjoying their respective lives to the fullest but hardly give a second of the day thinking about those two individuals who from our birth till their death think only about us and none. So, frenz have fun in your life but not on the cost of our beloved parents, who are actually the lifelines of all of us atleast I consider them as my lifeline...

Love You Mum and Dad....

Happy Marriage Anniversary....(22nd May)